Must Have Winter Boots Accessories 😍

Hey my Friends!

So ladies I don’t know about you, but for the last couple winters, I have been loving faux fur. I mean my bedding set is faux fur, not to mention just about every room in my house is decorated with faux fur pillows. The obsession is real…

So I was watching a YouTube vloggers video and she was wearing these awesome sweater knee high socks with faux fur. Immediately I was on the hunt for a pair of my own. I did not want to pay a lot of money, so I went onto my two favorite inexpensive sites: Amazon and Ebay

As I’m trying to decide which pair to purchase, I remembered there were a pair of ankle suede boots with a faux fur trim that I planned on purchasing. I then came up with an idea…why would I purchase suede ankle boots when I already own two pairs? It makes no sense to purchase yet another pair just because I love the faux fur trim. So I thought, why not purchase a few of the faux fur trim socks and create your own ankle boots with the trim?

Original Ankle Boot

Faux Fur trim sock

Original ankle boot Faux Fur trim sock

Since Ugg boots are already insulated, I decided to purchase the footless socks.

City Ugg boot 

City Ugg boot with faux fur footless sock

I just love how the fur trim gives such a rich look to my boots. These accessories are a must have for your winter wardrobe. One of the best parts of this purchase is that you can mix and match the faux fur socks with any pair of boots you have. You are not just limited to the one pair of boots you purchased. The other best part of this purchase is that the faux fur socks are extremely affordable. You can purchase a pair on Amazon for about $10. If you purchase on Ebay, you can pay even less. Just remember on Ebay your purchase will not arrive as quickly as it would if you order through Amazon.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I also hope that you use this fashion tip. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Until next time, night night 💋

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