Welcome May 😘

New Phototastic Collagemay

Hey my friends!

Happy May…I have to tell you that I have been happy, yet nervous for the month of May to arrive. I am looking forward to a fresh start to a healthier life, but with that you have to go through some physical pain.

For the past few months I have been getting my body healthier and just building up my immune system in preparation for a necessary surgical procedure. Believe me, I am not looking forward to the pain that is going to come with this procedure. With that being said, once the pain is over, I cannot wait to enjoy a normal life and focus on accomplishing all the goals on my to do list.

As the surgery date gets closer, I will go into more details. I know I have been promising to post more, but that has not happened because I have been so busy (in a good way). Anyhow…

So many women are suffering from the same issue I am dealing with…although I feel like no one has been going through it as badly as I am. This is such a big deal to me and I want to make this a priority to talk about on my blog.

I hope that you all join me on this journey πŸ’‹

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