Blogmas Day 13: Christmas Traditions ðŸŽ„

Hey my friends!

I cannot believe we are two weeks away from Christmas. Are you ready? I’m not. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. When I think about this time of the year, I think about certain traditions that I don’t necessarily follow, but I know people that follow just about every one of them.

Of course it’s a tradition to have a Christmas tree in your home. Are you a fake tree or real tree lover? I personally love a fake tree. I grew up with a fake tree and as an adult I favor a fake tree as well. I just cannot get into the maintainance of a real tree, but we can talk about in another blogmas post.


Eggnog is a definite must have for Christmas. It screams tradition for me.


Ok, so I don’t follow this tradition, but I definitely think it is a cute one.

Gingerbread House

I love the whole tradition of making a gingerbread house with your children. God willing, I will be blessed to have a child to start this tradition with.

Christmas Carols

Ok so I don’t know about you, but I love singing Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas day. My radio station in my car is set to the Christmas station.

What are some of the traditions that are a must for your Christmas season?

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