You are Beautiful…Part 6

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412So I was having a conversation with one of my male friends the other day and he talked about how he did not think he was good looking.  I was surprised by his admission because he is not someone that I would think would feel that way.  In my mind, this man exudes so much confidence.   I mean he takes so much pride in the way he dresses and his physique.  I sat back and listened as he began to point out the things that he thought made him just “average” looking.  Then it dawned on me…

Men have just as many body image issues as women.  I mean I know that some men complain about their body image, but I never knew that it was on the same level as women.  I personally have only heard men complain about not having a six pack or their hairline receding, but I’ve never really thought about men looking in the mirror and saying they think their lips are too thin or too big, their cheeks are too fat, etc;  You get what I’m saying.  The only men I’ve ever heard complaining about facial features, are those Hollywood types…

I guess I never really thought of it because society places so much emphasis on a woman’s appearance and we tend to overlook that men suffer from real body image insecurities as well. I don’t know… just a little food for thought…

Too all you insecure men out there… look in the mirror again.  What do you see?  Definitely not an “average” looking man.  You see a beautiful man.  Yes I said a BEAUTIFUL MAN

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