New Jewelry added to N A Waterman…

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Below N A Waterman shows you the latest jeweled pieces added to the Fall Collection.  Right now on, these new pieces are being offered at Introductory prices!

Hand Jewelry:

InstagramCapture_1ad4e7b3-8302-47d9-a915-8cf9aa60c570 InstagramCapture_be792cb8-627f-4ea5-b67c-79f195b1a6b0


InstagramCapture_17836f36-c3fb-4e86-974b-39c5ea8388f8 InstagramCapture_66a77794-4ca8-4eab-a0f0-cb500fcc6ec3

Barefoot Sandals:


*All of the jewelry pieces pictured above are available on our Online Jewelry Boutique.  And remember, if you would like any of our jewelry pieces customized, please send an email or call us.

Visit us on our online boutique at
or send an e-mail to
Phone: 866-520-1555
I cannot wait to have you all wear my creations 💋

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