Hello world!

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to my World!!!  I know I knowww…there are millions of blog sites out there giving advice on fashion, beauty, health, etc;  So what makes my blog site any different you are asking yourself???

I am a Jewelry Designer and Owner of an Online Jewelry Boutique named NAWaterman Eye Catching Jewelry.  On this blog site, I will let you inside my world on Jewelry making.  Of course I’m going to talk about fashion, beauty, health, etc;  All of those elements play a pivotal role when it comes to my design schemes.  I will however not play the role of an expert.  If you ask me a question, I will give you my opinion and what works for me.  Just don’t take my word as gospel…

I just love to read blogs that inspire women and I hope to do that as well.  Not only do I want to inspire, but I want to have fun.  On this site you will get to experience a first look at my jewelry collections before they are sold online, exclusive discount codes, jewelry giveaways and much much more…

So sit back, relax and enjoy what is yet to come!!!

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