Misery Loves Company…

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412So today I’ve decided to write about something that has been on my mind for quite some time.  You ever had or have a family member for whatever reason unknown to you…despises you and wants everyone in the family to despise you as well?

I think the real sad part is when that family member is someone that you were once close to and have spent a lot of your time helping no matter what it was they asked for.  It is definitely a hurtful situation.  It’s one thing for that person to have hate for you, but it’s quite another when they make it their mission to make sure other family members feel the same way about you.  “Misery Loves Company” is such a true statement and unfortunately because people love gossip and loves to hear the worst about people… they tend to believe whatever that “miserable” person says about you.  Why is it that people, especially your own family members want to believe the worst in you?  Why is it that instead of having your back, they join what I like to call “the dark side”?  Why does that person have such hate for you and want others to feel that way about you as well?  These were just a few questions that has been swirling through my mind for a long time.

images (6)I had to really think about it because I know that I am a good person.  I mean, I’m not perfect… none of us are, but I have always strived to be the best person I could be.  I am a true believer that if you do bad things, bad things come your way and it’s ten times worse than what you did.

So after careful thought and a lot of analyzing, this is what I believe…

I believe that person is not happy with themselves.  When you start to accomplish great things and they don’t… jealousy develops.  And instead of turning that jealousy into motivation, that jealousy turns into hate.  Hate is such an ugly demon and it wears a disguise called “sympathy”.

untitled (8)

Instead of using that talented mind to better their lives, they use their mind to spew hate.  And we all know that people love to root for the “underdog”.  So when one person becomes successful in what they do and the other person does not, people tend to be more sympathetic to the less accomplished person.  Why do people that tend to do well always get the short end of the stick?  I personally do not believe that one person is better than another.  I believe we all have an opportunity to be successful.  We choose the path in life we want to take and sometimes it’s the wrong path.  Not everything in life is easy.  As some point, we need to put on our big girl or big boy underwear and grow up.  It’s so much easier to place blame on others for your misfortune instead of taking responsibility for your life.  You cannot keep blaming people, especially that someone that has been there for you to only help you better your life.  It might make you feel some type of self-gratification by turning people against that person, but believe me that is only temporary.  “You can’t make yourself happy bringing misery to other people”.

images (11)So as this “miserable” person has hate for me, I will always have love for that person.  Family is so important to me.  It bothered me so much that some family members joined the misery train and shunned me.  I guess it still bothers me and that is why I am writing this blog, but I refuse to create my own misery train.  I am loving the train I’m on right now.

So my advice to any family member that shuns another because of what you heard from another family member without factual proof, I really want to say shame on you… oops I just did.  Seriously, I say you should be there for that “miserable” person, they obviously need all the love they can get.  I just ask that you be there for the right reasons.  Misery knows how to pull at your heart strings.  The next time a family member says something negative about another family member, think about their motives before you get sucked into their web of lies.  Remember…” Misery Loves Company!!!”

As always, thanks for reading.  Have a beautiful day and I will talk to you soon 💋

You are Beautiful…Part 10

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412I definitely enjoyed writing this 10 part series blog on “You are Beautiful”.  I hope that you were inspired just a little bit or at least took away “a little food for thought”.  I have to say for myself, just writing these blogs truly inspired me to look at myself a little differently through the mirror.  So for this last blog entry of “You are Beautiful”, I have chosen to write the message to myself.  It is definitely true when they say writing is the best therapy, because each time I incorporated a little part of myself into the blogs, the more I realized that I needed to take some of my own advice.  You ever had a friend that gives the best advice you’ve ever heard, yet they don’t take their own advice?  Well… that’s me!  I don’t always practice what I preach…


Why do I think I need to be a particular weight to be perfect?  Every morning I am on that scale weighing myself.  I am completely devoted to my Fitbit… although my new black band has now given me a bad rash around my wrist.  Instead of waiting for my replacement blue band to arrive (sidebar:  I’m not allergic to the blue band), I’m still wearing the Fitbit because I don’t want to distract my fitness regime.  Ok enough of that… onto the next issue.  Why do I think I need to have washboard abs?   And lastly, why do I always feel guilty when I eat a meal that I consider to be not so healthy or indulge in a decadent dessert?

As I now look in the mirror, I realize that I am beautiful just the way I am.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. I have to tell myself, “it’s ok that you don’t have abs of steel.  You have fibroids and endometriosis.  It’s really ok to enjoy a meal or decadent dessert once in a blue moon.  And for goodness sake, girl take that Fitbit band off of your wrist until your replacement arrives.”

I 100% believe that every one of us should definitely take pride in the way we look and the way we feel.  The problem is that some of us go overboard.  I am one… correction…I was one of those people.  As I look in the mirror one last time for the night, I see a woman that is embracing all that is beautiful about her body… flaws and all!

Goodnight all!  I will talk to you soon 💋