You are Beautiful…Part 3

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412Ok, so did you look in the mirror this morning?  So what did you see?  Your response should be a beautiful, unique looking person.  That’s what I saw.  What makes me unique you might ask yourself…

For myself, I see a girl with beautiful, big eyes.  It’s funny that I say my eyes are what makes me unique and beautiful.  I remember when I was in elementary school and my teacher bought us a fish tank.  One day she bought this weird looking fish.  I can’t remember what type of fish it was…I know I look like I just graduated from elementary school, but that was quite some time ago.  Anyway, the fish had these huge eyes.  I vividly remember some of the kids saying that we should name the fish after me because it had my eyes.  That I looked like the fish.  I’m not going to lie, it did hurt my feelings, but I never let that comment get to me.  I just thought they were just jealous because they didn’t have my pretty eyes.  And guess what…

I was right.  Now when people look at me, the first thing they do is compliment on how I have such beautiful eyes.  I mean women are buying makeup or having plastic surgery to make their eyes “pop” and mine…does it naturally.   I say all this to say… don’t let stupid comments people say about you affect your life.  Of course it will hurt your feelings when you hear it.  You are human after all.  What I’m saying is you can “be all in your feelings” for a moment, but then suck it up and move past it.  Just know people are going to talk about you no matter what.  And guess what… those people that are talking bad about you are just jealous of your uniqueness.  For all the young girls out there being teased because of their eyes, nose, lips or whatever makes you unique… just know that in a few years, people are going to try to look just like you.  They are going to wish that had your eyes, nose, lips, etc;  Believe me… I’ve been there!

So I ask you… what makes you unique?

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