You are Beautiful…Part 8

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412Celebrate the things you like about your body. Why must we always knock ourselves down about the things we do not like about our body?  We always talk about people making us feel insecure about our body image, when in reality, we do it to ourselves more than others do it to us.

I have been guilty of it.  We all have at one point in our lives and you know what… it is exhausting to always complain about the things we don’t like.  Isn’t it much more exciting and less stressful to talk about the things we love about our body?  I have a petite body frame, but am very curvy.  Within the last few years I have been suffering with major fibroid and endometriosis issues (which I will talk about in my “Who Am I” page coming soon).  I mention my medical issues to say that ever since I was a teen I have always had a flat stomach and because of my issues, my stomach is no longer as flat as it once was.  Oh man, when those fibroids and endometriosis gets aggravated and become inflamed, forget it…I look like I have a little bun in the oven.  Now I am one of those girls who loves to wear clothes that shows off my curves.  I believe “if you got it, flaunt it”… in a tasteful way of course.

untitled (2)I would exercise extra hard to get my stomach flat again, not realizing I was just making my issues on the inside of my body worst.  People would tell me that my stomach does not look as bad as I am picturing it to be.  That it is all in my head.  So I have finally came to the realization that my health is more important.  That it is all in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, I do still have my moments when I am complaining about my so-called big stomach.  I am a work in progress.  Forgive me…I am only human.  But I will say that when I complain, I have a quick come back.  I’ll say “OMG look at my big ole stomach, but I’m still sexy”… haha.  So I have learned to embrace all that is beautiful about my body and not make what I think to be a flaw the major focus.

So my message to you and to myself is to “Love the skin you’re in… it is absolutely beautiful… flaws and all!”

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