Blogmas #3: Giving Tuesday

Today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ and I have teamed up with the World Food Campaign to #unitetofighthunger in helping raise awareness about the innocent lives caught in the crossfire of war and conflict.

I urge you to go to to learn more about this worthy cause, as no one person should go without food.

As we think about the upcoming holiday season, think about those who are in need of not presents, but the gift of a decent meal.

Until next time my friends, night night 💋

“M2” Meatless Monday is Back!!!

Hey my friends!

Let’s start the week off by making and eating something semi-healthy.  Yes that’s right, I am back with my Monday series on vegan and vegetarian recipes…Meatless Mondays aka M2 .

I wanted to post an oldie but goodie simple recipe that is not only tasty, but is oh so easy to make.
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Fibroids Can Get Dangerous (Part 2)

Hey Friends!

So today marks three weeks since I had my surgery and as you can tell from the photo, the swelling around my abdomen has gone down a bit. Tomorrow the last of the bandages comes off…Yay! The bandages you see is not the actual one I had on right after the surgery. I had on a special bandage that had silver in it to protect the cut. I will insert that photo at some point in the blog.

Anyhow last week I ended the blog by telling you that my surgery took way longer than it was supposed to. Why you ask??? Continue reading “Fibroids Can Get Dangerous (Part 2)”