Welcome to My Favorite Month…

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Hey my friends and Happy December!!!

As many of you know, December is my absolute favorite month and for two reasons…

Christmas of course…and to anyone that will listen, my birthday!  I am always so excited to celebrate my birthday.  Most people look at birthdays as just another year that we get older and why would we want to celebrate that?  I definitely understand that, however I look at each birthday as another year that God has blessed me.  No one is promised tomorrow, so when you have been blessed to age another year, I say celebrate it!

Anyhow, on with the matter at hand…

I have decided to do “Blogmas” and have challenged myself to writing a blog every single day for the entire month of December.  And not only will I write a blog, every Sunday in December, there will be a giveaway from my jewelry collection “N A Waterman Eye Catching Jewelry”.  I have so many great things planned this month.

So my friends I want you to sit back, relax, sip on some tea and join me on this sleigh ride…

Night Night 💋

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