Meatless Mondays…Grown Ups Beef(less)roni…Yummo


Hey my friends!  It’s Meatless Mondays and today I have decided to make a childhood favorite of so many folks that will not admit it.  Beefaroni!!!  But here is the catch, it’s vegan…yes you read correctly.

So we did not grow up eating a lot of beefaroni because my mother made her own homemade version.   Let me tell you that it was delicious! So I went to college and honestly who has the time to make a nutritious homemade meal.  So just like many college students, I discovered the wonderful world of beefaroni.

Fast forward quite a few years later and the fact that I try to eat healthy and I haven’t eaten beef in so many years, I wanted to recreate an old time favorite that I can enjoy.  So I decided to revise beefaroni into a vegan friendly version and added a spicy kick to it.

Believe me, this recipe is easy to make and it does not take that many ingredients to make it.  Also, it is inexpensive.  This is all you need:

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