Who Loves Shopping at Forever 21!!!

First let me put out this disclosure that this is not a sponsored blog. Now with that being said…

Let me tell you how I just scored 7 maxi dresses and 1 lace top from Forever 21 for a total of $100.33. And the best part, these pieces are still very much on trend. The dress above I purchased last year for $32.90. It’s now on sale for $23.03 and you can purchase another qualifying item for 99% off. It’s practically a buy one get one free deal.

I absolutely love this ruffle dress. This dress is perfect for any special occasion. This piece is of good quality and best of all…affordable. I added the link below for you. The sale ends April 9th, so hurry up my friends!


As soon as my order comes in, I will show you how I pair them with my N A Waterman Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection. Be sure to purchase your jewelry while they are still at the introductory price.

Until next time my friends 💋

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