Must Have Sunnies for Summer


Hey Friends and happy first Sunday of summer!

Summer…I have been waiting for you for sooo long. For those of you that live in the NJ/NY area like me, it has been raining as if we live in Seattle. It is so good to see that sun shining bright. With that being said…

I must share with you my must have sunglasses for this summer. I am obsessed with sunglasses. I cannot tell you offhand how many pairs I have. I always get asked why I need so many pairs. My fellow fashionistas out there definitely know the answer to that question!

I am a big fan of Coach sunglasses. I just think the styles they design are just so classic and can wear for years to come. However, this summer 2019 I have been obsessed with the Quay sunglasses line. I wouldn’t quite say that they are classic, but more trendy. I believe I can get away with wearing them for at least another year or two. And before I continue, let me put out my disclosure that this is not a sponsored blog.



Quay Australia “Roxanne Aviator” Sunglasses in Smokey with Gold studs

These are my absolute favorite sunglasses this summer. I have been wearing the heck out of these sunglasses. I originally wanted to purchase the pink sunglasses. At the very last minute I decided to also add this pair to the cart and let me tell you…I am so so happy I did.

You can dress them up with a cute little black dress or dress them down with a tank top and jean shorts. I definitely enjoyed dressing them up with my gold jewelry pieces from my N A Waterman line (shameless plug to make sure you get your pieces as well πŸ˜‰)

Quay Australia “Somerset Aviator” in Black Pink Mirror

These sunglasses are so stylist. They are definitely not an everyday type of sunglasses and I honestly wouldn’t wear them with jeans and a t-short.

Quay Australia “Vivienne Oversized Aviator” Sunglasses with reflective lenses

These are definitely my second favorite pair of sunglasses that I wear all the time. As the name says, they are a bit oversized. I have to admit that on my face they are more than a bit oversized, but I love them anyway. Although you can dress these up, I tend to wear them with my more casual everyday outfits.

Quay Australia “Roxanne Aviator” Sunglasses in Pink Mirror with Gold studs

Last, but definitely not least…

When I first saw these sunglasses, they started my obsession with Quay Australia. I was looking for a pink mirrored sunglasses and I came across these pairs after I had already purchased another pair. I had to have them, so I naturally purchased them.

I have to admit that I have not worn these sunglasses yet and it’s not because I do not like them in person. I have not worn them because I am saving them for my vacation I plan on taking this year once I am all healed up. Do you have a pair of sunglasses that you have designated as vacation sunnies as well???

Anyhow my friends, until next time. Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday πŸ’‹

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