Vegan Monday…Takeout Anyone??? 😋

Hey my friends!

So who doesn’t love to indulge in chinese takeout every once in awhile? I know many of you enjoy eating fried rice, whether chicken or shrimp. I unfortunately never had fried rice because I despise eating rice. Yes I said it… I despise rice 😖.

My brother’s favorite chinese takeout dish is chicken fried rice. With that in mind, I decided to make a vegan version that is also healthy and more importantly, something that I could actually eat.

So my version of chicken fried rice is the chik’n fried couscous.

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Happy National Taco Day 😋

Hey my friends!

In honor of national taco day, I have decided to repost a previous blog from “Meatless Mondays”…

WP_20171010_18_58_27_Pro (2)Who said Vegans and Vegetarians can’t enjoy “Taco Tuesday”?  Here’s my recipe for a delish taco meal…I guarantee you will not miss the real thing!


  1. Meatless Crumbles
  2. Salsa sauce (my favorite is Chi-Chi’s)
  3. Shredded Vegan Cheddar cheese
  4. taco shells ( I recommend you try the Ortega Good Grains blue corn)
  5. taco seasoning (I like to use Old el Paso 40% less sodium)

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“M2” Meatless Monday is Back!!!

Hey my friends!

Let’s start the week off by making and eating something semi-healthy.  Yes that’s right, I am back with my Monday series on vegan and vegetarian recipes…Meatless Mondays aka M2 .

I wanted to post an oldie but goodie simple recipe that is not only tasty, but is oh so easy to make.
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Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection!!!

Hey my friends!

Happy April. I am so excited for my Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection. I always laugh when I launch a new collection. Every single time I design a new collection, I always say it is my favorite collection that I’ve designed. So instead of saying it this time, I will say that I create pieces based on the mood that I am in. So what mood am I in right now you might ask???

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Meatless Mondays…Grown Ups Beef(less)roni…Yummo


Hey my friends!  It’s Meatless Mondays and today I have decided to make a childhood favorite of so many folks that will not admit it.  Beefaroni!!!  But here is the catch, it’s vegan…yes you read correctly.

So we did not grow up eating a lot of beefaroni because my mother made her own homemade version.   Let me tell you that it was delicious! So I went to college and honestly who has the time to make a nutritious homemade meal.  So just like many college students, I discovered the wonderful world of beefaroni.

Fast forward quite a few years later and the fact that I try to eat healthy and I haven’t eaten beef in so many years, I wanted to recreate an old time favorite that I can enjoy.  So I decided to revise beefaroni into a vegan friendly version and added a spicy kick to it.

Believe me, this recipe is easy to make and it does not take that many ingredients to make it.  Also, it is inexpensive.  This is all you need:

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