Blogmas Day 12: Make Your Christmas Day Special!

Hey my friends!

What will you be doing this Christmas holiday? With travel restrictions and the limitations on gatherings, we need to find some activities that will still make it a fun and memorable day.

Here is what you can do for a low-key Christmas day:

Get dressed for the occasion and have dinner

What do I mean you might ask? Just because you’re staying home with either one other person or your significant other and/or children, doesn’t mean you can’t get dress in your Christmas outfit you would have normally worn if it was a huge family gathering. Let me tell you, getting dressed makes you feel so much better than just sitting around in loungewear.

Sit at the dining room table

Create a beautiful table landscape for your Christmas dinner. Don’t just have dinner and sit in the family room watching tv.

Dessert Time

After you’re done with dinner, let’s change into our matching loungewear and make a fun dessert everyone can participate in.

The dessert doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You can create gingerbread ice cream sandwiches. You can make the cookie from scratch or use store bought cookie dough.

You can also simply create an ice cream sundae bar using all the traditional flavors of Christmas such as gingerbread, cinammon, peppermint, etc;

Whatever you do this Holiday Season, stay healthy and safe 💋

Blogmas Day 6: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Cocktails 🍸

Hey my friends!

This time of the year would have been the company holiday parties, happy hour celebration with friends and holiday parties. And what is the one thing you can count on at these events?

That’s right…cocktails 🍸

What is your favorite go to Holiday cocktail? For the past few years I’ve made Christmas sangria, which is a favorite in my household.

I still plan on making my Christmas sangria, but a much smaller amount. You can definitely have happy hour via zoom or with the people you’ve been around. With that being said, here are 5 holiday cocktails:

Christmas Moscow Mule


Holiday Mulled Wine


Christmas Sangria

So which cocktail is your favorite to drink during the holiday season?