New Jewelry on N A Waterman…Coachella Inspired

These are the newest pieces added to the N A Waterman jewelry collection located exclusively on N A Waterman Online Jewelry Boutique at

Golden Leaf Earrings

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HugsNKisses Leather Wrap BraceletAviary Photo_130721911488345045Aviary Photo_130721945546415773   Star “Crystal Headband”Aviary Photo_130680499877523542 Blissful “Crystal Headband”Aviary Photo_130680485549972074

To celebrate Coachella… N A Waterman has designed Coachella inspired jewelry.

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You are Beautiful…Part 9

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412So as much as we talk about having confidence and that you should look in the mirror everyday, we cannot forget that the most important aspect of beauty is “inner beauty”.  You don’t want to become too self-absorbed.  That confidence turns into arrogance.  Confidence is beautiful, Arrogance is ugly…

images (3)How can you tell the difference between confidence and arrogance?  People tend to mistake the two.  Anytime you see someone taking pride in themselves, you immediately label them arrogant before they even open their mouths.

Four Major Differences Between Confidence and Arrogance

  1. Confident people always look beyond the outer beauty of others.  They place more value on a person’s beautiful soul and make you feel as though you’re the most beautiful person in the room.  Arrogant people really could care less about your inner beauty.  Honestly they could care less about your outer beauty, because they believe no one is better than they are.
  2. Confident people don’t brag about how beautiful they are.  I know some might say that we always tell people to look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are.  That’s fine, but there is a big difference between telling yourself you’re beautiful and walking around telling everyone that would listen how beautiful you are.  Arrogant people on the other hand will constantly brag about everything that is beautiful about them.  I call that “confidence overload“.  They never wait for you to compliment them on anything.  If you do get the opportunity to squeeze in a compliment, they are never humble about it.  They’re just wondering why it took you so long to say it.
  3. Confident people sees the flaws in themselves and embraces the beauty of it.  Arrogant people… well they don’t have any flaws.  Remember, they are perfect.  Haha
  4. Confident people love to compliment others on their uniqueness.  They try to encourage you to see the beauty you have.  It doesn’t take away anything from them to give someone else a compliment.  You ever had a person who would always try to “one up you” on everything?  Instead of allowing your beauty to shine on whatever it was you were complimented on, they either tried to find some negative to knock you down a notch or they just simply made it known that it was not a big deal because whatever that compliment you were given was, they could definitely top that? That is a classic trait of an arrogant person.

The bottom line is that there is a thin line between beauty and ugly.  As I mentioned earlier, you can by society standards physically be one of the most beautiful people.  However if your mind, heart and soul does not match… l hate to tell you this, but you are essentially an ugly person.

Building confidence can take some work.  But once that confidence kicks in, it becomes that much easier to move onto the next level of arrogance.  It’s much more difficult to be a beautiful person, then it is to be an ugly person.  I still say look in that mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful.  Just don’t be delusional and think you’re the most beautiful person ever created.  I mean really…

On a serious note, as I always end my blog… the message is that You are beautiful, we are all beautiful.  Humble yourself.  It is more than ok to tell someone else they are beautiful.  Remember what the quote says:

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face, it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.”

You are Beautiful…Part 8

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412Celebrate the things you like about your body. Why must we always knock ourselves down about the things we do not like about our body?  We always talk about people making us feel insecure about our body image, when in reality, we do it to ourselves more than others do it to us.

I have been guilty of it.  We all have at one point in our lives and you know what… it is exhausting to always complain about the things we don’t like.  Isn’t it much more exciting and less stressful to talk about the things we love about our body?  I have a petite body frame, but am very curvy.  Within the last few years I have been suffering with major fibroid and endometriosis issues (which I will talk about in my “Who Am I” page coming soon).  I mention my medical issues to say that ever since I was a teen I have always had a flat stomach and because of my issues, my stomach is no longer as flat as it once was.  Oh man, when those fibroids and endometriosis gets aggravated and become inflamed, forget it…I look like I have a little bun in the oven.  Now I am one of those girls who loves to wear clothes that shows off my curves.  I believe “if you got it, flaunt it”… in a tasteful way of course.

untitled (2)I would exercise extra hard to get my stomach flat again, not realizing I was just making my issues on the inside of my body worst.  People would tell me that my stomach does not look as bad as I am picturing it to be.  That it is all in my head.  So I have finally came to the realization that my health is more important.  That it is all in my head.  Don’t get me wrong, I do still have my moments when I am complaining about my so-called big stomach.  I am a work in progress.  Forgive me…I am only human.  But I will say that when I complain, I have a quick come back.  I’ll say “OMG look at my big ole stomach, but I’m still sexy”… haha.  So I have learned to embrace all that is beautiful about my body and not make what I think to be a flaw the major focus.

So my message to you and to myself is to “Love the skin you’re in… it is absolutely beautiful… flaws and all!”