It’s All About N A Waterman…

Hey Everyone!

As you all know by now, I am a Jewelry Designer and Owner of an Online Jewelry Boutique “N A Waterman”.  I absolutely love creating jewelry pieces.  It is such a passion of mine.  There is nothing better than having someone wear one of your creations (I know all you designers know exactly what I mean).

All About N A Waterman

N A Waterman is a full-service Jewelry Business that provides jewelry for almost every part of the body.  At N A Waterman, we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior jewelry pieces that are uniquely designed.

Our Mission is:

To provide reasonably priced, fine quality “Eye Catching Jewelry”.

Each Jewelry piece is handcrafted by us. This means that each piece may have slight variations and therefore truly makes your jeweled piece feel as if it were one-of-a-kind.  I believe that there is something extra special about jewelry that is made by hand.

Each jewelry piece that we create enhances your attire flawlessly; whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a designer gown.  Because every fashionista knows that a great piece of jewelry makes any outfit look like a million bucks…

So I wanted to give you all a visual of what my jewelry pieces would look like when paired with outfits.  So each week I will post pictures of myself and actual clients pairing the jewelry pieces with outfits.

I am modeling:

Eezy Breezy “Turquoise” Necklace
Eezy Breezy “Turquoise” RingInstagramCapture_38e18487-ff0a-440f-9089-196dfe61a87f
Buckle Up “Triple Wrap Leather” BraceletPhototastic-5_1_2015_a719be41-1064-4990-bdb6-d4275c09ae41_edited
Tickled Pink “Jade” NecklacePhototastic-5_1_2015_3b1fd304-e105-4869-8c12-5b64dc12208e_edited
Client on their wedding day:
Ice & “Swarovski Crystal” Barefoot SandalsPhototastic-5_2_2015_ae315c5c-cd31-40ac-9d6d-08a941d089a4_edited
*All of the jewelry pieces pictured above are currently available on my Online Jewelry Boutique
Visit us on our online boutique at
or send an e-mail to
Phone: 866-520-1555
I cannot wait to have you all wear my creations 💋

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