Hyster-WHAT!!! My Journey to Becoming Fibroid Free (Page 2)

Hello my Friends!

First I wanted to start off with some good news.  My blood clots are gone… woohoo!!!  I am so very happy about this.  As you know, having blood clots are a scary thing and it really knocked me off my feet for the last four months.  I am still on the xarelto and hoping my doctor will take me off of it this week.  The blood thinners are not good to stay on for a long time.  It can cause bruising and make you bleed uncontrollably.  It definitely isn’t good for someone with fibroids and anemia.  I noticed yesterday that I have 4 bruises on my leg and I have no clue how they got there.  That’s the thing with being on blood thinners, you have to be extra careful because the slightest bump on something can cause bruising.  I actually look like I was in a fight or something, but  I can deal with it as long as the blood clots are gone.

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