Fibroids Can get Dangerous (Part 1)…

Hey my friends!

So today marks two weeks since I had my vertical open myomectomy surgery and don’t I look just glamourous? Let me first say that it was so difficult for me to post this photo showing my swollen abdomen and stitches. What gave me the courage to post the photo you may ask…it is the need to share with other women who suffer from fibroids or endometriosis.

I had an open myomectomy over five years ago, but with the bikini line cut. Let me tell you, the healing process for a vertical myomectomy is much different. I had no idea what type of incision I would be receiving until after the procedure. My doctor did warn me that based on the size of my fibroids and the location, there was a possibility that he would have to cut vertically. He stated that he knows that a young lady like me would not want that type of incision and he would try his best not to do it. My immediate response was “NO”

I pleaded with my doctor not to give me a vertical cut. He then assured me that if it is absolutely not necessary, it will not be done. However, he did tell me that I should prepare myself just incase.

Fast forward to May 16th or as I call it “D-Day”. I woke up with cramps so severe, I couldn’t worry about the surgery. Honestly all I could think about was getting to the hospital so they can hook me up to some medicine to ease my pain.

The anesthesiologist came to the pre-op room and informed me that my doctor authorized two options for me for pain. Since I had a history of DVT (blood clots), my doctor was very concerned about my well-being during the procedure. I was given the option of getting an epidural throughout the duration and after the surgery. I would have pain medicine running through me consistently opposed to the other option of getting the morphine after the surgery. Although I have heard horror stories from women who’ve had epidural, I thought that would be the best option for me.

Now onto the surgical suite…

My doctor, who I assume you know by now is also my surgeon, starting prepping all assistants in the room and once again informed me that the vertical cut might happen. the anesthesiologist asked my doctor how long the procedure will take and he stated two hours. I was given the oxygen mask around 11:30ish in the morning and when I woke up, the assistant surgeon informed me that it was 4:30PM. My surgery that was only supposed to take 2 hours, actually took 5 hours. Unreal!

I will talk about the details of my surgery in the next blog about my fibroid journey. Until next time…night night 💋

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