The Beauty of Friendship…

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412What is the definition of a true friend?  Can you count how many people in your life you would define as a true friend?

Someone defined friendship as those people that will…

Fight for you
Respect you
Include you
Encourage you
Need you
Deserve you
Stand by you
 images (21)With all the people in our lives we call our friends, now that you look at what this person defined as friendship, would you still consider all those people your friends?  Some people use the word friend so loosely.  A friend should be someone that you would consider to be like a second family to you or even part of your family.  A friend is someone that will defend you when others are disrespecting you (whether you deserve it or not)…

untitled (11)

  • A true friend is someone who will always “keep it real” with you.  That person or persons will always have your best interest in mind.  You can always count on them to be your backbone.  They are always around whether in good times or in bad.  Now keep in mind “always around” does not always mean a physical presence.
  • A true friend should not always agree with you just to please you.  I mean honestly, is that really a friend or a groupie???  A friend should feel so comfortable around you, that they could be completely honest with you.  And vice versa… you should feel comfortable around your friend that you know whatever they say to you is coming from their heart.
  • A true friend should never envy you or have any distrust in you.  I know that we are only human and sometimes jealously gets in the way.  But if you are a friend to that person and you are envious of them for whatever reason, you owe it to them to let them know how you feel.  You have to let them know that you are happy for them and want to be there to support them, however this situation has caused you to feel a certain way.  Believe me your friend will respect you for being open and honest with them.  That’s the beauty of friendship!

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As I’m getting older, my views on friendships have definitely evolved.  I used to think that the people you’ve known in your life for many years, are your friends.  Because you talk to them or text them every once in awhile, they are your friends.  But I’ve learned that those people are just your acquaintance.  It wasn’t until I had my medical issues that I realized who my true friends are.  I’ll just say that the saying is so true… “True friends isn’t about who knew you the longest, its about who came and never left.”  And although my circle of friends have shrunken in size, I can truly say that I can now appreciate the beauty of friendship.

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