New Jewelry added to N A Waterman…

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Below N A Waterman shows you the latest jeweled pieces added to the Fall Collection.  Right now on, these new pieces are being offered at Introductory prices!

Hand Jewelry:

InstagramCapture_1ad4e7b3-8302-47d9-a915-8cf9aa60c570 InstagramCapture_be792cb8-627f-4ea5-b67c-79f195b1a6b0


InstagramCapture_17836f36-c3fb-4e86-974b-39c5ea8388f8 InstagramCapture_66a77794-4ca8-4eab-a0f0-cb500fcc6ec3

Barefoot Sandals:


*All of the jewelry pieces pictured above are available on our Online Jewelry Boutique.  And remember, if you would like any of our jewelry pieces customized, please send an email or call us.

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Am I No Longer an Empowering Woman???

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I’m still getting used to the whole idea of social media sites.  It’s really difficult to keep up with all of them and still try to work a full time job.  When I do get the opportunity to focus on my sites, I receive positive feedback.

However, there was something that did kind of bothered me.  I usually do not let things bother me.  I had a group following me on Instagram that specializes in promoting self esteem in young girls.  It felt good to have this group following me.  It meant that they really liked the message my Instagram feed exudes.  We even discussed the possibility of me volunteering for one of their locations in my area.

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Bonus Offer at N A Waterman…

Phototastic-5_26_2015_30ad88d4-05cf-4f70-80f6-76d336070690_editedHello September!  Summer is just about to end to make room for Autumn.  Where does the time go…

It’s almost that time for me to come out with my Fall Jewelry Collection…

But before that happens, I want to give a bonus to those who spend $100 or more at my Online Boutique

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