Behind the Scene…


Hey Friends!

So today is the official launch of N A Waterman’s Fall Jewelry Collection and I am so very excited.  The pieces I designed for this collection are absolutely some of my favorite pieces.  I think they are dainty, yet classic pieces.  Of course it wouldn’t be N A Waterman if I didn’t design a showstopper piece.  I previewed a few pieces on a previous blog from my Fall Collection.  Today I want to give you a little sneak peek of what goes on behind the scene of a jewelry photo shoot.




And final outcome…


And as you can see the showstopper for the Fall Collection is the AMAZING Crystal Headpiece!!!  The one good thing about many of my pieces…they are what I like to call “convertible jewelry”.  This headpiece can also be worn as a necklace.





2 thoughts on “Behind the Scene…

  1. NA Waterman’s jewelry are beautiful, timeless pieces. I am particularly partial to the hair/head jewelry and the waist beads. I can also attest to the longevity of the jewelry as I still wear my favorite crystal waist beads I purchased from NA Waterman over 15 years ago. As a long time customer, this year’s fall jewelry collection does not disappoint. Thank you NA Waterman!

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