Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection!!!

Hey my friends!

Happy April. I am so excited for my Spring/Summer Jewelry Collection. I always laugh when I launch a new collection. Every single time I design a new collection, I always say it is my favorite collection that I’ve designed. So instead of saying it this time, I will say that I create pieces based on the mood that I am in. So what mood am I in right now you might ask???

“Boss” Necklace

14kt Gold-filled and swarovski crystal charm inspirational necklace


“Golden Leaves” Earrings

14kt Gold-filled large hoop earrings


“God” Necklace

14kt Gold-filled and swarovski crystal inspirational necklace


“Tambourine” Earrings

14kt Gold-filled and swarovski crystal large hoop earrings


These pieces says that my mood is the feeling of empowerment, femininity and fun! My favorite metal is yellow gold. I just love the brightness of gold and it adds so much color to your attire. Not only that, gold is so much fun for the spring/summer weather. How could you not love gold???

I am really loving that the name plate trend has circled back around for 2019. I wanted to implement that trend in my design, but with my signature twist. I 90% of the time create my pieces with some type of bling in it and I’ve done just that in a lot of my pieces.

For this week ONLY, I have launched the 4 pieces above at a discount. These pieces are not only affordable, but extremely high in quality. Make sure you purchase this week to get the introductory rate. Once it is launched on my online boutique, the price will go to its regular price.


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