Blogmas #4 Workout Wednesday: Holiday Edition 🧘‍♀️

Hey my friends!

So we just had a huge feast for Thanksgiving and probably gained at least three pounds. And of course we still have two more holidays to look forward to packing on more pounds…

So what do you do when you want to enjoy the feast, but don’t want to pack on the extra pounds? No, you don’t starve yourself a week in advance. And no, you don’t stay in the gym an extra hour each day until the big meal.

Let me first say that it is quite alright to have a “cheat day”. However, some people take advantage of it. Having a cheat day does not mean it’s your opportunity to eat all the foods you’ve been craving. Remember that there is a big different between binge eating and cheat day.

Cheat day simply means you can incorporate foods, but in moderation. You still want to keep your portion control. And it’s also a good idea to go for a walk after your meal. If you live in the Northeast region such as myself, the weather might not be the best for you to take a walk. If that is the case, I suggest standing and/or moving around talking to your family members and/or friends. Doing this will help you digest the food, opposed to just sitting.

So the two key things you need to remember:

  • Portion control
  • Move around after your meal to help with digestion.

I hope these tips help. Until next time…night night 💋