Meatless Mondays: Starting a Food Journal 📖

Happy New Year my Friends!

It’s time to get our lives together and get back into a healthier lifestyle. Many of us were on a roll with eating properly in the beginning of 2020. Then suddenly the world changed and unfortunately so did our healthy eating habits. We pretty much were limited on foods we could eat. The restaurants were closed and purchasing healthy food items were scarce.

And let’s not mention that most of the foods we consumed were not friendly on our bodies. Many of us gained weight that we normally would not have.

Now that we are starting to get back a good source of food supplies, it’s time to reset the button and get back into the swing of things.

I personally like to keep a food journal/diary. Why keep a diary you might ask…

First, it keeps you accountable. When you see a visual log of what you’re putting into your body, it can definitely do something to your mind. When you see how much sugar or sodium you’re actually consuming, it will give you a new perspective. You definitely don’t want to see your nutrient levels in the red.

You can log your foods two ways: a food journal or an app on your phone. I use and recommend MyFitnessPal. This is without a doubt the best app to log your foods (and no this is not sponsored).

This is from my phone. Bases on my goal, I should only consume 1220 calories per day.

You get to see your nutrient, macro and caloric levels.

As you can see from my homepage, I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for a very long time and it works for me.

It truly is a great app to use when you’re trying to eat healthier.  It’s not for just losing weight, it’s also used to maintain your current weight.  Each time you set a goal it, resets the amount of weight you lost from the last goal of the homepage.  As you can see above, my weight lost has been reset to 0lbs lost until I start shedding lbs based on my new goal weight.  However, it does keep a history of the weight you’ve previously lost. 

If you are part of MyFitnessPal or join after reading this, feel free to follow me and we can go on this healthier lifestyle journey together.

Until next time my friends 💋

Budget Plan(ner) for 2019!

Start off the New Year with a plan for your finances.  Whether you have a business or not, we all should have a budget and financial goal that we set for ourselves.  

These two budget books are wonderful to keep track of your money.  Let me first disclose that this is not a sponsored blog.  I was looking for two budget planners and came across these two by BoxClever Press.  Not only are they very nice looking, they are extremely affordable.  I purchased the small planner on Amazon ($10.95) and the larger planner on eBay ($14.95). Or you can just google or bing search for BoxClever Press Budget Planners and they will give a list of all the places you can purchase them.

The small budget book can fit in your bag and is easy to quickly add your expense and your receipt once you finish making your purchase.  I wanted the small one to handle all of my personal expenses.

The large budget book will be used to handle my business expenses.

Here is a quick look at the inside of these planners:

The small and large planners has inserts with pockets that allow you to put your receipts in, which is perfect for someone like me that always loses receipts.  Even better, you enter information for each month.  The larger binder has even more features, which is why I chose to use that one as my business budget book.  However, if you do not have a business, I would still recommend this budget book if you are a homeowner.  

I have been that person that would use a program on my phone or on my laptop to enter all my financial information, but I find that doing it what is now considered the old-fashioned way, is much better to keep track of.

Anyway, it’s New Year’s Eve…don’t want to keep rambling on as it is soon time to celebrate the beginning of a New Year! I will talk to you tomorrow my friends! Be safe, responsible and have the Happiest New Year 💋