What is Age Appropriate…

Phototastic-5_26_2015_30ad88d4-05cf-4f70-80f6-76d336070690_editedHey my friends!  Today I want to talk about, Age Appropriateness when it comes to the way we dress.  What is “Age Appropriate” exactly?

adjective: age-appropriate
suitable for a particular age or age group.
“some of her outfits should be more age-appropriate”
I had a conversation with a male friend last week.  I was having fun at an indoor amusement park with my two younger brothers celebrating one of my brother’s birthday.  I was mentioning to my friend how my parents thought my jean shorts were too short to wear to the amusement park.  Now my parents never liked me wearing shorts, even when I was under the age of 21.  Anyway, my friend made a rather disturbing comment to me after I told him I changed my shorts and decided to wear a pair of skinny distressed jeans.  Actually I felt insulted.  What did he say?

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