Celebrating One Year of Blogging…

I have made it through one full year as a  blogger and I must say that it is much harder than I anticipated it to be.  When I first starting the mission of becoming a blogger, I had the goal of posting twice a week.  Well let’s just say that was not a realistic goal for a beginner.  Not to mention I have a jewelry business to run and I have a full-time career life.  What the heck was I thinking some may say…

First off I must mention that I do not blog as a career or for any financial compensation.  I decided to blog to promote my jewelry business, share some of what I like to call my “Fashion Wisdom” and to also share a little bit of my “food for thought”.  I always find that when I go shopping, people tend to migrate my way for advice.  I’m also that girl that can give great advice.  Seriously I do… ask anyone.  Haha

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National Jewelry Day!!!

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Today is NATIONAL JEWEL DAY!!!  National Jewel Day is observed March 13th of every year.

In honor of this day that is special to myself as a Jewelry Designer, Save 25% off your entire purchase*

Use Code: NJD2016

*No minimum purchase required.  Savings does not include shipping charges.  Valid Until Monday, March 14th at midnight EST




Hello March…


Hello March!!!  I’m backkkk…feels like I’ve been away forever.  February has been a busy, but a wonderful month.  I know March will be just as great…no even better.  I definitely feel like 2016 is my year to shine!

Until next time… goodnight my friends 💋