Celebrating One Year of Blogging…

I have made it through one full year as a  blogger and I must say that it is much harder than I anticipated it to be.  When I first starting the mission of becoming a blogger, I had the goal of posting twice a week.  Well let’s just say that was not a realistic goal for a beginner.  Not to mention I have a jewelry business to run and I have a full-time career life.  What the heck was I thinking some may say…

First off I must mention that I do not blog as a career or for any financial compensation.  I decided to blog to promote my jewelry business, share some of what I like to call my “Fashion Wisdom” and to also share a little bit of my “food for thought”.  I always find that when I go shopping, people tend to migrate my way for advice.  I’m also that girl that can give great advice.  Seriously I do… ask anyone.  Haha

So for me it was a no-brainer to develop a blog that would not only talk about my jewelry, but also include life issues and to incorporate my love of fashion.

I want to applaud all bloggers, especially those of you who have chosen to dedicate your career as a Blogger.  It takes a lot of dedication.  So when you are asked what you do for a living, hold that head up high and say with pride, “I am a Blogger!”

I truly enjoy blogging and look forward to another successful year.  I look forward to all the exciting things I have in the works to share with you all.  Before I go, I want to thank all my followers and viewers for hanging in there with me.  It definitely warms my heart that I have people all over the world taking time out of their busy schedules to get to know a little bit about me… N A Waterman!!!



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