Blogmas #3: Giving Tuesday

Today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ and I have teamed up with the World Food Campaign to #unitetofighthunger in helping raise awareness about the innocent lives caught in the crossfire of war and conflict.

I urge you to go to to learn more about this worthy cause, as no one person should go without food.

As we think about the upcoming holiday season, think about those who are in need of not presents, but the gift of a decent meal.

Until next time my friends, night night 💋

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Welcome May 😘

New Phototastic Collagemay

Hey my friends!

Happy May…I have to tell you that I have been happy, yet nervous for the month of May to arrive. I am looking forward to a fresh start to a healthier life, but with that you have to go through some physical pain.

For the past few months I have been getting my body healthier and just building up my immune system in preparation for a necessary surgical procedure. Believe me, I am not looking forward to the pain that is going to come with this procedure. With that being said, once the pain is over, I cannot wait to enjoy a normal life and focus on accomplishing all the goals on my to do list.

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