Who Am I???

WP_20150414_18_52_31_Pro 1As I look in the mirror…I wonder how could I explain “Who Am I”

I am an optimistic.  I love life.  I am a believer that there isn’t anything you cannot do in life as long as you put your mind to it.   There may be some obstacles that you have to overcome… but if you truly want to do whatever it is… you can.

Who I am is a woman who strives to be successful in love, family, business and most importantly… my health.  In previous blogs, I’ve talked briefly about my health issues.  I have always been a relatively healthy person.  I am all about eating healthy and working out.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I do have my cheat days where I indulge in a delicious dessert.  Heck I am only human, so I do give into temptations.  Anyway…

If you met me in person, you would not know that I might be feeling like crap on the inside.  I don’t like people feeling sorry for me and I absolutely don’t like people viewing me as a weak individual.  I love to do things for myself and for others.  I don’t like to count on the help of others.  I have always been a go getter.  I believe there is nothing better than doing something on your own and reaping the rewards.  I get that from my parents.  They are definitely great role models.  I also give credit to my brother who’s a couple of years younger than me.  He is also definitely someone I look up to and admire.  I call him my “lil big bro”.

Ok, not to get off track, let me continue to speak a little bit about my health because it has definitely also influenced who I am as a person.  I know a lot of the female readers will relate to my situation when I talk about having fibroids and endometriosis.  Fibroids and endometriosis are fairly common conditions millions of women suffer from.  However there are some of us who suffer tremendously and it pretty much takes over our lives.  I could seriously write a novel about all I’ve been through and continue to go through because of these issues.

I was literally in the emergency room every month due to the extreme pain.  And of course the girl who suffers with so much pain cannot swallow pills.  Don’t laugh…I know that a grown woman should know how to swallow pills.  I always say it’s a blessing that I can’t swallow pills, because I could see how a person could become addictive.  As I just finished writing that statement, I know it’s a bad thing for me to think… but suffering in pain all day isn’t a good feeling.  I am so lucky I have a high threshold for pain.  The body is a natural pain reliever…conventional medication is only temporary and not so good for the liver over time.

I have been on every type of medication from birth control pills, IUD, Lupron, etc;  Nothing …I mean absolutely nothing prevented those darn fibroids from growing and trying to suck the life out of me.  I cannot count how many blood transfusions I’ve had.  I am not proud of it, but it was very necessary to save my life.  I have had countless amounts of iron infusions and 4 or 5 surgical procedures to remove the fibroids.  I know it’s really sad, I lost count.  The last time I practically begged my doctor.  My doctor told me and my family absolutely no more surgeries.  The only other time I will have surgery will be when I am ready to have a baby.  I know many of you were thinking why I am putting my body through so much.  Just have a hysterectomy you’re thinking.  Well I refuse to do that until I have a child. I will not let this stop me from having the one thing I have always wanted to accomplish.

So Who Am I?   I am a stubborn woman who refuses to let any obstacles in life hold me back from achieving my dreams.  I am not going to pretend to be superhuman and act as if my medical issues has not caused temporary setbacks.  When my issues pretty much took over my life, I had to put a hold on my jewelry business, which at that time was doing fairly well.  Now I am back to business and working hard to make it 100% better than it was.  I refuse to let this obstacle continue to put a hold on my life.  I am a strong person and I always tell myself that you can deal with anything.  When you are suffering, always remember that there are so many people out there suffering more than you are… with serious medical issues.

So Who Am I you ask again???  I am a woman determined to make all of my dreams come true.  I am a woman who will never take the easy way out.  And lastly, I am a woman that will always embrace all that is beautiful about life…

As always, thanks for reading… goodnight and I will talk to you all soon 💋

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