Follow Me or Unfollow Me…Why do we Care so Much???

Aviary Photo_130712803099340412I was never really into the whole social media thing.  I was always a private person and wanted to stay behind the scene.  The only social media I dealt with was my jewelry website and email.  It was not until one of my clients wanted to send me pictures of her wedding highlighting my jewelry.  She asked me for my Facebook name so she could tag me.  So I quickly set up an account.  Although I did set up account, I never used it.  The only picture I had of myself was the profile picture.

Now a few years later, it’s all about social media.  We spend so much of our time focusing on social media.  So many of us are so focused on obtaining the most followers as we can possibly get.  And it hurts our feelings when people unfollow us.  Why do we care so much?  imagesC53YT3HHI think a lot of people use social media to validate that they are special.  If I get a lot of followers then that means “I’m popular”, “people must really think I’m beautiful” or “I am somebody”.

Don’t get me wrong, I have joined the world of social media just this year.  As I mentioned before, I only had Facebook and never posted anything.  I decided to join Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and now I’m a blogger.  Why did I decide to join the social media world?  I have a business and if I want my business to become a success, I need to put myself out there so the world could get to know about my business and the person behind the business.  I realized that I cannot just stay behind the scene and expect to be successful.  People like other people that are approachable and personable.

With that being said, I do think it’s ok to use social media… but it should only be used for the right reasons.  We shouldn’t use social media to boost our egos or make us feel accepted.  Just because someone unfollows you or maybe you don’t get a lot of likes in a post, does not mean people do not like you or that you are not a valuable human being.  The whole concept of these social media platforms did not come about to make people celebrities… remember the intent was too share things with people, not gain popularity.

Are you obsessed with how many followers you have on social media?

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