Blogmas #3: Giving Tuesday

Today is ‘Giving Tuesday’ and I have teamed up with the World Food Campaign to #unitetofighthunger in helping raise awareness about the innocent lives caught in the crossfire of war and conflict.

I urge you to go to to learn more about this worthy cause, as no one person should go without food.

As we think about the upcoming holiday season, think about those who are in need of not presents, but the gift of a decent meal.

Until next time my friends, night night πŸ’‹

Preparing for the Holiday Season🌲🎁

Hey my friends!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to focus on what I consider to be the best holiday…


Are you just like I am and put your all into your holiday home decor? Do you sit, ponder and then execute a plan? Having a different theme each year can become costly. Let me tell you how I take some of the stress out of my planning and on a budget?

I plan my theme for the next Christmas season during the current year. I know you might think that is absolutely insane, but here’s the method to my madness…

Hobby Lobby, Target and many other stores discount Christmas decorations 70-90% off the regular price. If you know ahead of time what your theme will be next year, you have a game plan of what to look for. Last year I had a winter wonderland theme and knew this year I wanted a more traditional Christmas theme. I knew going into the stores that my focus was to purchase ornaments in reds, golds and greens during the clearance sale. I also knew that I wanted nutcracker soldiers and ballerina figurines. By doing this, I not only took the stress out of shopping for decorations this year, I more importantly saved hundreds of dollars.

Must Have Winter Boots Accessories πŸ˜

Hey my Friends!

So ladies I don’t know about you, but for the last couple winters, I have been loving faux fur. I mean my bedding set is faux fur, not to mention just about every room in my house is decorated with faux fur pillows. The obsession is real…

So I was watching a YouTube vloggers video and she was wearing these awesome sweater knee high socks with faux fur. Immediately I was on the hunt for a pair of my own. I did not want to pay a lot of money, so I went onto my two favorite inexpensive sites: Amazon and Ebay

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