Preparing for the Holiday Season🌲🎁

Hey my friends!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to focus on what I consider to be the best holiday…


Are you just like I am and put your all into your holiday home decor? Do you sit, ponder and then execute a plan? Having a different theme each year can become costly. Let me tell you how I take some of the stress out of my planning and on a budget?

I plan my theme for the next Christmas season during the current year. I know you might think that is absolutely insane, but here’s the method to my madness…

Hobby Lobby, Target and many other stores discount Christmas decorations 70-90% off the regular price. If you know ahead of time what your theme will be next year, you have a game plan of what to look for. Last year I had a winter wonderland theme and knew this year I wanted a more traditional Christmas theme. I knew going into the stores that my focus was to purchase ornaments in reds, golds and greens during the clearance sale. I also knew that I wanted nutcracker soldiers and ballerina figurines. By doing this, I not only took the stress out of shopping for decorations this year, I more importantly saved hundreds of dollars.